Nur Syaheerah Eylia
" terkadang cinta itu dekat "

2 June 2010

1 june 2010


u said u want me to be ur gf back.that time i feel like i want to cry sygg..

muhammad shafiq bin abdul halim is MINE !
SYG,im totally happy with you,iloveyouudamnmuch syg.
u gak janji ngn i always sentiasa ngn i kan.
and u gak janji yang kte takan gado ryte.
i want u always be mine until my last breath syg.
walaupon kte jauh,tak semestinyer kte x bleh brsama kn syg.
and distance also teach us how to be loyal ye syg.
please remember that.i will never hurt you and make you cry again again syg.
im sorry for what had been happen before.

The snow, so peaceful and serene,
caressed by the soft moonlight,
gave magical feelings to the night.

The soft blue glow,
the lovers' words that then did flow,
their lips closer and closer
until, locked in the throes
of a passionate embrace,
he decided to express his feelings,
to keep her safe.

He whispered softly,
his words like music to her ears,
"I Love You,"
and her response the same,
heard like the gentle breeze,
"And I, love you, forever."

That was the night they promised
to be together through everything,
each to care for the other when old and gray.
A lovers' pact
the most likely to last.

p/s:iloveyou MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ

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