Nur Syaheerah Eylia
" terkadang cinta itu dekat "

9 December 2010


Stranger: hi
Stranger: male 27
You: female 19
You: :)
Stranger: where are you
Stranger: ?
Stranger: I"m in mexico
You: im malaysian
You: :)
Stranger: hoooow
You: you know?
Stranger: what you up to?
Stranger: never been but I do know where it is
You: *what you up to?
You: sorry i cant understand
You: can you repeat ?
Stranger: what are you doing?
You: ouh
You: just update my blog :)
Stranger: whats the link
Stranger: ?
You: you can comment
You: hee ;D
Stranger: tnks
Stranger: i like the music
You: yah
You: perfect two-auburn
Stranger: what lenguague is the one you use?
You: malay ;)
Stranger: cool
Stranger: any spanish
Stranger: ?
You: no i cant speal spanish
You: *speak
You: but i love to learn sumthing new :)
Stranger: you ever listen to this
Stranger: john legend
Stranger: ordinary people
You: yah
You: i love this song lah you
You: thanks
You: :)
You: bytheway
Stranger: ;)
You: now u study or working ?
Stranger: working
Stranger: hotel
You: wah !
Stranger: I live on the beach
You: sounds good
Stranger: it is
You: i love beach too
Stranger: not a lot a money but is ok
Stranger: its' mexico
Stranger: you don't need a lot of money
You: my family love go to beach
You: yah
You: dats correct
Stranger: so whats your name white rabbit
Stranger: ?
Stranger: I'm Chris by the way
You: syaheerah :)
Stranger: ok
You: for sure u weird ryte ?
You: hear my name
Stranger: jajjjja
Stranger: yes of cours
Stranger: e
You: its okay
You: wait
Stranger: how is life in malasia?
You: you dont want come visit malaysia ?
You: malaysia ?yah
You: good !
You: so many tourist came here and see KLCC
Stranger: air flight to expensive, I love to visit new country and learn new things
Stranger: whats KLCC?
You: world tallest twin towers
You: :)
You: you can search on google
Stranger: OOOOO yes
Stranger: I read about it before
You: is it interesting ?
You: :D
Stranger: yes
Stranger: sorry I have to go
Stranger: it was nice to meet you
You: okay
You: if anything
You: you can comment at my shoutbox at my blog okay ?
You: :)
Stranger: ok
Stranger: thanks

said : i love to know new people :)