Nur Syaheerah Eylia
" terkadang cinta itu dekat "

8 December 2010

sweet kan ? :(

The snow, so peaceful and serene.caressed by the soft moonlight.gave magical feelings to the night.The soft blue glow.the lovers' words that then did flow.their lips closer and closer.until, locked in the throes.of a passionate embrace,he decided to express his keep her safe.He whispered softly,his words like music to her ears."I Love You,"and her response the same,heardlike the gentle breeze,And I, love you,forever."That was the night they promised
to be together through everything,each to care for the other when old and gray.A lovers' pact.the most likely to last.I love the way you touch me so soft and sensuously.It makes me tingle all over.I love the way you kiss me.It starts a fire deep down inside of meand makes me yearn for you even more.I love the way you look at me.It makes me feel beautiful and treasured.Most of all I love the way you love me.When you walk in my whole day gets better.And even when you're not with me you're in my thoughts always.It doesn't matter what we don't have or what we do have.The most important thing is we have each other and no one can take that away.I am the luckiest woman in the world and I don't need or want anything but you beside me loving me to the end of our it too hard to say I LOVE YOUU ?seriously i love you and i always want you to be my soulmate**hugs and kisses