Nur Syaheerah Eylia
" terkadang cinta itu dekat "

27 April 2014

who am i ?

i'm here. i love you. show my love for you.
Now, i realize why Allah give distance for our love for 4 month.
i think it is more worth when we are in a long distance
compared when we are near.
Maybe Allah more knows what happen next.
And also Allah have plan for our relationship.
Okay. for me there's too many thing make me feel so sad.
Or for you maybe you feel more then what i feel.
And i'm also realize we used to be far far away.
That is more better for us.
For you, it just a small kind of thing.
But for me a small kind of thing can change to such a big things.
The happiest moment when i know you will ENDED your 4 months.
But, what i feel after that was not the same as the first things what i feel before.
How can i play with my own feelings . Until when ? Can i ?
In this world girls always play with their own feelings, because if they tell people about their feelings.
People will never heard what they say, people will just obey them
Girls always keep pretending to be happy. Such as me.
How can i forever keep pretending to be happy and i supposed to be happy with you.
But i'm not. and absolutely i can't. And i don't know why.
Who am i for you ? You say you love me, but why you do all this for me?
Okay, thank you for everything you gave for me. Thank you for your love.
Leave me alone. My heart such a fragile things that you should always know.

Pleaseeeeeeeeee, i miss you so much. Please hear me once ! :'(

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